Saber & Blood is an exciting and unique mix of a card game and a board game. The game takes place in XVIIth century central Europe in a variety of climatic settings.

Each player commands a band of three characters that fight each other in a vicious battle to the last drop of blood.

Players control their characters on the board by playing cards from their unique deck of cards. Each fraction has its own deck, character abilities, playing styles, strengths and weaknesses that must be used strategically in order to defeat their opponent.

Fighting in the game is done by using custom fencing style dice, which you secretly chose against your opponent (and he against you) in the hopes that you outsmart him and chose a style that will be advantageous over your opponents.

Play the right cards, move your characters to the best positions on the board, use your opponent’s weakness to your advantage, chose the advantageous fencing style, and claim your victory with SABER AND BLOOD.