Peter Nowak-Kormendy

Author of the rules for the game Saber and Blood. He always had a passion for playing games and also improving upon the games he played. In his career he worked and currently is still working as a psychotherapist. He always told his clients to follow their dreams and to pursue a creative lifestyle in order to experience more happiness and freedom in their lives. Finally he decided to listen to his own advice and he also started to pursue his childhood passions to create interesting and fun games that can tell fascinating new story’s about times and places born in his imagination. Peter lives in Poland; he’s happily married and has 4 wonderful children.

Łukasz Wnuk

I have always been interested in games. After finishing my studies I started working at a gaming company. Since 2012 I have been running my own foundry called “Kazrak” that is producing figurines for various games. At Saber & Blood I am resposible for manageing the project and handling of the production.

Mateusz Jędrys

Matthew, born ’87. Creator of game lore, and language expert. His passion is history and folklore. He loves to spend time exploring mountains and old castles. Actually ower of casting company – making miniatures for various games. RPG player and game master with attitude.